Where to stay during home renovation?

Most vacation rentals come fully furnished with. Home renovation certainly doesn't look like a vacation, but why shouldn't you enjoy a vacation spot while you're away? Sites like Airbnb and VRBO make it easy to find temporary accommodation during a home renovation.

Where to stay during home renovation?

Most vacation rentals come fully furnished with.

Home renovation

certainly doesn't look like a vacation, but why shouldn't you enjoy a vacation spot while you're away? Sites like Airbnb and VRBO make it easy to find temporary accommodation during a home renovation. Most vacation rentals come fully furnished with everything you need, including kitchen utensils and linens (meaning you can pack less for your move). In addition, vacation rentals are usually privately owned, so there could be an opportunity to negotiate a long-term rate with a rental owner near your home instead of paying the standard nightly rate.

Please note that this option could be costly. If you prefer to change your old house for another one, Airbnb could be the way to do it. In more than 34,000 cities around the world with more than 600 literal castles for rent, you're likely to find a place that works for you, from an old gold rush cabin in Big Bear, California, to an 18-foot teepee in upstate New York. Options for Where to Live During Remodeling Now, You Have Some Options.

Staying with friends or family is economical. Renting a room (or rooms) at a nearby hotel is a more expensive alternative. For an important job that takes a month or more, it may make sense to rent or sublet an apartment or house nearby. Serving many of America's largest and busiest cities, Zeus is always ready to offer the best and most beautiful housing solutions for your stays of a month or more.

Better yet, with our competitive rates, you don't need to punch a hole in a hotel's bank account while still enjoying amenities from on-site laundry to kitchen essentials that most hotels don't have. Another thing to keep in mind are extended stay hotels. These establishments are structured for those who need accommodation for longer periods of time, usually weeks or months, and the price per night reflects this. Many of Zeus Living's properties are pet-friendly, and we also offer searchable filters, making it easy to find the perfect apartment.

For total peace of mind, talk to the Zeus Living team. Not only will you talk to a caring and informed human being (rather than an automated message), but you will also find someone who can help you make your stay in a furnished home as smooth and streamlined as possible. Options vary depending on your budget and expectations. Extended-stay hotels and corporate furnished rentals offer well-equipped apartments per month.

Subleases can be found through personal networks or websites such as Leasebreak and Craigslist. Short-term rentals, from a few days to a few months, are offered by services such as Airbnb and HomeAway. If your house requires major renovations, the house may temporarily cease to be habitable. This presents a unique situation because you and your family may be displaced for several months while renovations or repairs are being completed.

On the one hand, staying in a hotel for that period of time would be costly and unfeasible. On the other hand, most rental apartments come unfurnished and require a lease for a fixed period of time. How can you find a short-term rental solution that is flexible enough for your needs, but doesn't break the bank while your home is being renovated? The good news is that there are several options available that you may not have considered before. Let's look at some of these short-term rental options and provide you with some additional tips to help you find the solution that best suits your needs.

Of course, many home renovations aren't intrusive enough to require you to vacate the house, for example, if you're remodeling a bedroom or adding a room. However, when faced with major renovations or repairs, moving temporarily makes more sense and in some cases may be mandatory. Let's look at two of the most common cases in which you might need alternative temporary housing. If you decide to make major renovations in several parts of the house, there is a greater likelihood that the house itself cannot be inhabited while renovations are being carried out.

Utilities such as electricity, water, and sewer lines may need to be shut down for long periods of time, or excess dust may not be safe to breathe for long periods of time. There could also be structural work in progress that would make the house temporarily unstable. Fires, floods, or major weather events can cause extensive damage to a home. In many of these cases, it may not be safe to stay in the home until repairs and restoration efforts are completed; for example, receding flood waters can lead to dangerous bacteria and mold, or strong winds may have ripped off part of the roof.

In such cases, it is usually necessary to move temporarily, and in many cases, your short-term housing may be covered by insurance. If major renovations have temporarily displaced you and your family, you have several short-term housing options. Let's look at the most common solutions. Extended-stay hotels often offer suite accommodation at discounted weekly or even monthly rates.

They are usually more affordable than conventional hotels, but can remain expensive over the course of a few months. In addition, even if the suite has a kitchen or kitchenette, it will feel like a hotel, which can have a negative effect on the mood of the family after a while. One temporary housing option to consider is to find someone willing to sublet your house or apartment. Occasionally, people who currently have a lease may sublet part or all of their space to someone else, either to help with the rent or to occupy the entire unit while they are traveling.

Sublets can often be found through Craigslist, by word of mouth, or on social media. While subletting may be a good solution for some, keep in mind that unless you know and trust the person implicitly, the risk of scam is greater with this option. Short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb and Vrbo have become very popular in recent years, allowing individual “hosts” to rent entire rooms, apartments or vacation homes for days, weeks or months at a time. These vacation rentals provide a better “home” feel and usually come furnished, but are not always cheap, and some users have reported bad experiences and occasional scams.

A fairly reliable alternative to finding short-term rentals is to consult a corporate housing agency. These agencies focus on providing fully furnished temporary apartments for people who need to stay for a few weeks or months. While many people using corporate housing are business travelers with extended stays, these units are also ideal for locals who need a place to live for a couple of weeks to a couple of months. You can specify the amount of space and the type of services you need, and the agency will find you a comfortable and well-equipped apartment for the same price (or less) as that of an extended stay hotel.

When you stay in temporary housing, you want to make sure that the place offers the comfort and convenience that you and your family need, especially since they will be there for a while. Here are some other factors to consider when deciding on short-term housing. That's when you call your friends and family to request an emergency place to stay during renovations. You'll usually find corporate housing units in condominium complexes, but you can also find single-family homes designed for corporate stays if you need more space.

Corporate accommodation agencies and extended-stay hotels often work with rental companies to ensure that guests have everything they need for their stay from the moment they walk through the door. Many extended-stay hotels cater to families with pets, but not all vacation rentals or corporate accommodations allow your furry friends. Although extended-stay hotels are more like a hotel than a private vacation rental or corporate housing unit, they usually have amenities that can help keep the stress of building your home at bay, such as housekeeping, on-site laundry, and free continental breakfasts. But if workers need to cut off utilities for an extended period, it's better to look for another place to stay during renovation.

And what is a big plus, when you stay in corporate housing, you can gather some fresh ideas on how to renovate and organize your house to eventually sell your house and get the best possible price deals. So it doesn't matter if you're just learning to renovate by implementing the idea yourself, undertaking a surface-level project or building your home from scratch, Veejay's points out, the scope of the works is too much to deal with and live on, and organizing your temporary home where to stay is the first piece of advice people take, interior experts, he adds. Finding a place to stay for a while does not have to cause additional problems, as handling the renovation itself takes a lot. According to Greystar, most corporate housing stays have an average duration of two or three months, while extended-stay hotels are designed for a stay of around 30 days.

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